By the Oz.

By the Oz. by Henry Summers

“By the [Ounce]” is about an unintended road trip. There are no wizards, no witches, no flying monkeys,…,well, not exactly. It does have over 50 allusions to the Wizard of Oz. Can you find them? The first one – the book title – is a gimme.

Mike is a college student on the verge of graduating. His best friend Draco is a retired veteran. Mike opts out of dorm life to stay free-of-charge in Draco’s mobile home. When Draco dies in a busted drug deal, Mike must deal with the baggage his friend left behind—namely, a mobile home full of illegal hashish. Panicked that the police are closing in and will complicitly connect him to Draco, Mike makes a run for it, along with his underage friend Toni. Shortly into their trip, an unfortunate accident throws Mike into a more serious situation; as the only witness to a billionaire mogul’s last breath, Mike becomes the only person alive who knows the code to the man’s massive wealth—well, that is if he can remember the digits. As Mike and Toni continue their journey, now with the police and the underworld after them, they meet a variety of characters who all seem to be biding their time, until they get wrapped up with Mike and Toni. (2022, paperback, 314 pages, ISBN 978-1-6393-7107-5)

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